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We need to reduce the ever-increasing tax burden on the middle class here in Vermont.  We need to grow the economy here in Vermont, so that both young people and old people will be able to stay in Vermont. Our state economy grows at less than 2% a year. We want to recruit more young families to move to Vermont, but we don’t do that, we discourage them due to the high cost of living. Let’s look at steps to repealing the Veteran’s Retirement Benefits tax, and rollback the tax on Social Security. We need to just not build small businesses here in Vermont, but we need to start looking at replacing the jobs we have lost from larger companies.  Vermonters deserve better, and a better state economy benefits all Vermonters.

We need to stop re stop Tax Increases. Vermont needs to have a forensic audit of the state budget, and let’s see where money is going. Stop spending money on programs that are not working.  In the past 7 years we have increase state spending by $700 million, we cannot continue to spend money we don’t have. As families work within their budget, let’s make the state do to as well.  Vermonters deserve better, and know that EVERY penny is being spent wisely. 

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We need to empower local communities like Jericho and Underhill with more local control, from energy siting decisions to education. Central control in Montpelier is not healthy, we have declining enrollments in Vermont schools, but costs of education our children continues to grow.  We need to explore changes to Act 46 for the better, we need to restore local control and protect school choice. Community empowerment also means that local town boards and town residents need to have a say in the growing of wind farms and solar farms. Vermonters deserve better, and only with open discussion and compromise will it work.

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Health Care:

We need to end the mandate that forces individuals and businesses to only buy through Vermont Health Connect, and offer more affordable choices and options. We need to end VT Health Connect, pouring more money into a system that is still broken from day one. We either need to transition to the Federal Exchange or work with other New England State programs that are working effectively. Vermonters deserve better, so let us exam the options.

Bill Lawrence maintains a deep commitment to critical issues facing the residents of Vermont. It is with hard work, dedication, and passion that he will collaborate with the others in Montpelier, across the aisle to work for the common good, to achieve the community’s common goals. He is a candidate who will work for you to ensure your concerns and issues are brought to the forefront of the Vermont House agenda: 

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A costly Carbon Tax on gasoline, diesel, home heating oil, propane and natural gas will hurt Vermont’s families business and our economy. We need to stop this tax!  Some in Montpelier want to impose this tax on Vermonters and this will add approximately 88 cents to each gallon of gasoline, $1.02 per gallon of diesel and home heating oil, and similar increases for propane, natural gas, kerosene, along with butane and aviation fuel. Working Vermonters who commute to a job will be hit hard, as well as farmers, tradespeople and others who depend upon trucks, vans, and tractors to do their jobs. People ask:” Who benefits” from this tax are the wind and solar developers, weatherization programs and other “green” energy outfits will receive 10% of the Carbon Tax revenue to subsidize their businesses and projects. The Carbon Tax was introduced in the in the legislative session as H.395 and H.412, and the House Energy & Natural Resources Chair has committed to 2017 as the year of passage. Vermonters deserve better, I oppose this CARBON TAX!

Carbon Tax:

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